A Plan for Progressive Justice



Scott’s campaign is focused on reducing low-level crimes and strengthening public safety by leading the transformation of the municipal criminal justice system to focus on innovative solutions to address heroin addiction and homelessness. Scott promises to make his office the epicenter of Seattle’s resistance to Trump. Read more about Scott's plan for progressive justice now.

  • Reduce Low-Level Crime and Increase Public Safety By Transforming How We Treat People Suffering from Addiction. It’s a fact: The majority of those involved in high-frequency, low-level crimes - like car prowls - struggle with behavioral health challenges, very often heroin addiction. But our current incarceration-only criminal justice system is not effectively addressing the underlying causes. With fresh leadership, Seattle can transform our criminal justice system to tackle some of the root causes of criminal activity, getting better public safety results with less incarceration. 
  • Embrace Bold Solutions to Fight the Heroin Epidemic. Seattle is facing an extraordinary heroin epidemic that is impacting every facet of our city life. We need bold action to stop people from dying on our streets and get them inside with the help and services they need. Scott initiated and served on the Seattle-King County Heroin and Opiate Addiction Task Force, which developed new prevention and treatment programs and recommended piloting the country's first supervised consumption program. As City Attorney, Scott will support this innovative program to bring drug use off our streets and save lives. And Scott will take on the Trump Administration if they threaten to interfere with how Seattle cares for those suffering from the disease of addiction. 
  • Reduce Homelessness and Help People Off the Streets. Scott led the creation of Seattle’s “Navigation Team,” pairing outreach workers with police officers to help bring people in unsafe and unhealthy encampments off the streets and into safer alternatives. In three months, the Navigation Team has connected over 300 people with services, shelter, and housing without making a single arrest or issuing any infractions. As City Attorney, Scott will expand on this model for using fresh approaches to difficult situations.
  • Resist Trump. The Trump Administration poses a clear and present threat to Seattle’s values. Scott has fought in the trenches against Republicans in Congress, as he and his wife were the first to arrive at SeaTac Airport when Trump attempted to deport Muslim travelers visiting the United States. Scott will make the City Attorney’s Office a bulwark against Trump’s attacks on members of our community.
  • Fight for Seattle’s immigrants and refugees. The Trump Administration’s approach to immigration enforcement is draconian and un-American. That’s why Scott will change the way we prosecute cases in Seattle Municipal Court to prevent the Trump Administration from inflicting devastating lifelong consequences to non-citizens and their families.