About Scott: An Activist City Attorney


Scott Lindsay is known for taking a hands-on approach to solving difficult social and public safety challenges.

For the past three years, he served as public safety advisor and special assistant for police reform to the Mayor of Seattle. There, Scott led the creation of the Navigation Team, pairing outreach workers with police officers to help bring people in unsafe and unhealthy encampments off the streets and into safer alternatives. And he initiated and served on the Seattle-King County Heroin and Opiate Addiction Task Force which recommended improvements in the treatment and care system for people struggling with addiction, including development of the country's first safe consumption program under the supervision of the Public Health Department.

Scott has worked with neighborhood leaders in every corner of the city to address public safety challenges and he was a major architect of the downtown strategy that helped revitalize Westlake Park, the civic heart of our city. Scott has worked closely with the Seattle Police Department, the Community Police Commission, Federal Monitor, and Department of Justice on compliance with the consent decree and major legislation to make robust civilian oversight permanent. 

Scott previously served as senior counsel to Rep. Elijah Cummings and Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in Washington, D.C. where he fought daily battles against Republicans' unscrupulous attacks on the Obama administration. At the Committee, Scott led major investigations into illicit payments to warlords in Afghanistan, corrupt American oil companies in Central Asia, and federal government gun-running to Mexico. Scott has also been an attorney at K&L Gates in Seattle and Washington, D.C.  

Scott was born and raised in Seattle and is married to Courtney Gregoire, a commissioner for the Port of Seattle and assistant general counsel at Microsoft. They have two children, ages 2 and 4, who particularly enjoy exploring Seattle's parks, rain or shine.